• To get a digital transformation project off to a good start and achieve the desired results, a thorough analysis is extremely important. Also at Squadron, we take the time to get to know and understand our client and the project from A to Z. Only then can the right needs and solutions emerge and ROI be guaranteed. We tackle the analysis of a project in 4 different phases.

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    • 1. Internal and external desk research on client, industry and competition

    • In this part, we will get into the mission, vision and strategy of your company. Based on the initial introductory interviews, we gain insight into the DNA as well as the vision and objectives. We also look at the client's performance in different domains. For example, how does our client score in terms of customer intimacy, operational excellence or product leadership? We then place this internal info alongside the results of an external study. What trends can have an impact on a political, economic, social or technological level? What is the position in relation to the competition? ...

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      • 2. 1-on-1 interviews

    • In the second phase, we move to 1-on-1 intake interviews with some key employees of the client. A diverse group of about 8 employees is assembled to gather as much useful information as possible. This way we gather colleagues from different departments with different expertises who (want to) take on a pioneering role. Together we discover new ideas and challenges and determine what we ultimately want to achieve within this process.

    • 3. Bluepaper workshop

    • The two preceding phases are the basis for a joint brainstorming session with management and key-users. This session is organized in Squadron's offices where we provide the right environment and the necessary tools to facilitate the thinking process. We always start from the opportunities instead of the limitations. This session is established democratically and 
      aims at an action plan in which all noses are pointed in the same direction.

      The role of Squadron during such sessions is:

      • Facilitate brainstorming session based on intake conversations;
      • Inspire where necessary;
      • Show the way based on technological and process expertise;
      • Guide the group through the process of looking for opportunities, challenging where necessary and defining an action plan
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      • 4. Resulting in a digital roadmap

    • In the final phase of the analysis a detailed plan is drawn up, based on the priorities and corresponding actions and challenges obtained during the brainstorming session. This plan contains both short-term and long-term actions and describes the different processes to evolve from AS IS situation to the TO BE situation. We always start from a broad strategic perspective to end with the concrete operational roll-out.

      After this last phase, we deliver a particularly well-documented and thorough case to the client. With this file, the client can immediately start to tackle the jointly defined digital transformation challenges.

    • Questions about or interested in Squadron's analysis?