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  • Squadron is a community of experts committed to taking your business to the next level. Within the Squadron community, each member has its own speciality and possesses a unique set of soft skills. Thanks to the strong commitment of each member, there is a true knowledge exchange between the members. When they start working for you, they always act with a positive approach and they work discreetly.

    Concrete squads have been set up on the basis of their expertise:

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      • Bring your process to the next level

      • Processminds wants to co-invest in the Flemish industry. We support companies and focus on process optimisation within production environments by means of all kinds of tools and techniques which we apply according to your needs and on a tailor-made basis. With a 'boots-on' mentality, together with your employees, we create positive, fun and more profitable working conditions.

    Hogere Efficientiegraad
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      • Bring your digitalisation to the next level

      • Eminds digitizes analogue processes and substantiates decisions with available data. Our digital experts reinforce you with a strong hands-on and no-nonsense implementation.

        As an independent partner, we help build the digital architecture and offer concrete solutions tailored to the needs of our customers.

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      • Bring your designs to the next level

      • Designminds specializes in product lifecycle management. We offer innovative solutions for technical drawings, prototyping, optimizing designs and integrating them in your production process.

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      • Bring your automation to the next level

      • Motionminds automatiseert flows in uw productieproces. Samen controleren we de juiste functionaliteit en layout van uw machines en installaties, afgestemd op uw business. Daarbij faciliteren we een totaalintegratie van deze investeringsgoederen zodat deze perfect in communicatie staan met uw digitale besturingssystemen en bedrijfsprocessen. Dit geeft uw onderneming meer ademruimte om verder te innoveren, te groeien en kostenefficiënter te werk te gaan.

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