Meet the Member: Marcel

Meet the Member: Marcel

  • Els Carrette
    • Els Carrette
    • 26/08/2021
  • At the end of 2019 Marcel started working within the Processminds team, the Squadron division that focuses on process optimisation. He has been working as a Process Engineer ever since and works hard to make Flemish manufacturing companies as efficient as possible by optimising internal processes and flows. Let’s have a look at Marcel's experience at Squadron.

  • Why did you choose to become a member of Squadron?

  • "I rather enjoy diversity in the workplace! A mix of experience levels, different ages and backgrounds provides interesting insights and allows for a lot of opportunities to arise", it sounds. During the monthly community meetings, all Squadron members come together at the HQ and there is time and space for cooperation and consultation between the members. This way, Squadron ensures knowledge-sharing can happen between all members.

    "I had been playing with the idea of switching to self-employment for a while. However, it entails a lot of uncertainty, and I was afraid of certain risks. At Squadron I found the proverbial middle ground", Marcel says. Squadron attracts clients who can use our expertise and places the right members there according to the client's needs. This way, the members always have enough projects, and they also regularly end up in a different environment.

  • What are the main advantages of being a member of Squadron?

  • "The fact that you enter a manufacturing company as an external force and can go through everything with a fresh perspective. You can identify pain points faster and approach them with complete objectivity. You are not anchored in the company's current way of working or internal politics, which means you question certain issues quickly. Things employees have been doing the same way for years, are not something they would question or wonder if they could be done more efficiently. You don't bear the responsibility for the project by yourself. The client is also behind the wheel, meaning we are both responsible for ensuring that the project is completed successfully", says Marcel.

    Being part of a community also has many advantages, according to Marcel. During the monthly community meetings, everyone comes together, and members are encouraged to exchange knowledge with each other. In addition, for every assignment, members always work in pairs meaning no member is left to their own devices. "Your partner often has a different expertise thus we complement each other nicely", says Marcel.

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  • What distinguishes Squadron from other technology companies?

  • "Squadron members are very aware of the importance of social skills. We enter companies, have a look around to see how things work and propose solutions or adjustments, but the human aspect is extremely important in this process. If people don't trust you, they will be less open and it is difficult for us to identify problems. Also, for the implementation of solutions or adjustments we notice that it is necessary to have all parties on board," says Marcel.

  • What do you think a Squadron member looks like?

  • "A Squadron member is someone who fully embodies the Squadron DNA. This person always has a positive, can-do mentality. He or she must also become a true confidant within the manufacturing company, soft skills such as dealing with people are very important! Furthermore, we also expect Squadron members to be committed, to care about issues and to deal with them in an ethical way. That is why personal development and ethical intrapreneurship are part of our values. These concepts are close to all our hearts. Especially people who recognise themselves in these values and are looking to work on projects or who like more variety, will thrive here."

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