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  • Squadron strongly believes that every crisis is an opportunity to evolve, grow and innovate. Carlota Perez, a British-Venezuelan scholar of technology and socio-economic development, claims that the corona crisis could be the turning point to an era of great economic prosperity. Tesla founder, Elon Musk, has confirmed this and believes that a new era of tech innovation is coming. During lockdown, we all noticed that there was a tangible shift from the analogue to the digital. Everything suddenly had to be online, and together we took huge leaps.

    This is where Squadron can make a difference through hands-on approach and experience with changes that will have a positive impact on the continuity of our manufacturing companies. Together with our customers, we search purposefully for solutions in which process optimization, digitalisation or automation are a must. We steer towards meaningful change and doable work for all parties involved. This can only be beneficial for everyone!

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  • “Corona can lead to a golden era"

    Source: De Tijd
    'The corona crisis may be the turning point to an era of great economic prosperity, but things will get worse before they get better,' declares Carlota Perez. The 81-year-old Venezuelan is the authority on the great technological shifts of the last few centuries....Read more
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