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Manufacturing with high variation and lower volumes often creates challenging production processes at many manufacturing companies. There is often a gut feeling about where the bottlenecks are in production, planning or stock management, but no data to effectively prove it.

We map all the data on the production floor and optimise your business processes thanks to rapidly deployable digital solutions.

    • Squadron Communication
            • Squadron Apps Icon Commication
            • COMMUNICATION

          • Shopfloor COMMUNICATION APP

        • Without wanting to, some things go wrong in a production environment every day. Machines grind to a halt, there are stock shortages on certain products, a product arrives at the next workstation with a problem, there is a dangerous situation, ...

          With the Communication App, we give the operator a digital voice to pass on faults, complaints, comments, suggestions and dangerous situations. This in a simple and smooth way via an application on smartphone or tablet.

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    • Squadron Operations
            • Squadron Apps Icon Shop Com
            • Operations

          • activity monitoring app

        • Work orders are often still printed out and physically handed to operators. In addition, there is also no visibility of when an operation is started and stopped.

          The Operations App makes it possible to forward a production order digitally. It also charts how long the operation is actually taking so that adjustments or retraining can be made where necessary. 

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      • Pieter-Jan De Man
      • Director STAS
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    • Squadron 5 S
            • Squadron Apps Icon 5 S
            • 5S

          • safety APP

        • Efficient production involves a sorted and clean working environment. Tools that are out of place or a machine that is not maintained correctly has a negative impact on productivity.

          With the 5S App, a 5S audit is very easily carried out using self-selected questions that must be answered and substantiated with a photo. 

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    • Squadron Quality Control
            • Squadron Apps Icon Quality Control
            • Quality Control

          • Quality Control App

        • Orders are still often printed out and physically handed to the operators. In addition, there is also no visibility into when an operation is started and ended.

          The Quality Control App makes it possible to forward a production order digitally. It also maps out how long the operation is actually taking so that adjustments or retraining can be made where necessary.

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    • Squadron Shipping
            • Squadron Apps Icon Shipping
            • Shipping

          • Shipping App

        • A lot of companies send products or parts via a courier service. Not only speed but also budget are very important to compare before sending something.

          The Shipping App makes a comparison between different carriers and asks what dimensions, weight, ... the package has in order to suggest the ideal partner.

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    • Squadron Planning
            • Squadron Apps Icon Planning
            • Planning

          • Planning App

        • Planning especially requires flexibility to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. Planning is therefore often done on paper or in Excel because it is user-friendly and can be adjusted quickly. However, an Excel file or sheet of paper does not talk to an ERP system or the production environment.

          The Planning App provides a digital planning that can be adjusted very easily through a drag & drop feature. Adjustments are made digitally and the right people internally are notified automatically.

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    • Squadron Warehouse
            • Squadron Apps Icon Warehouse
            • Warehouse

          • Warehouse management App

        • Many WMS systems have hundreds of features and are quite budget intensive. Above all, they are never really 100% tailored to the company-specific processes so they are never fully utilised.

          The Warehouse App helps with stock in/stock out and with the localisation of products in the warehouse. Finally, a real-time overview of how stock is rotating and when additional parts or products need to be taken into stock. 

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