• Customers increasingly expect customised products, which means that manufacturing companies need to be more flexible than ever. In an industry 4.0, you make the difference by putting fast and personalised quotations on the table. Thanks to our CPQ software, a product is fully digitally configurable and the quotation is produced à la minute. Out with excessively long waiting times between quotation request and quotation delivery! 

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      • What is CPQ?

    • With CPQ software (Configure - Price - Quote), sales and marketing teams can adjust product configurations based on customer requirements and manage prices or discounts based on set rules so as to generate quotations quickly and error-free. After ordering, this software will also launch the production process.

    • Significant time savings: less engineering means faster production start-up.

      Low error rate: same process is repeated.

      Cost-saving: engineering team does not have to reinvent the wheel each time.

      Higher quality through standardisation.

    • Solutions?

    • Trimit

      CPQ software grafted and integrated into Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP.

      • Fast and budget-friendly integration.
      • Entire process from quotation to delivery is automatically driven, an end-to-end story.
      • High degree of efficiency.


      CPQ software developed for both internal and external use such as a dealer network.

      • Outstanding User Experience for the end user.
      • Stand-alone, so not dependent on other IT tools.
      • Strong in complex configuration.

      Custom Development

      CPQ software fully custom written.

      • Complete freedom in configuration functionality & data management.
      • A User Experience tailored to your customer.
      • Stand-alone and far-reaching integration possibilities with ERP and MES systems.
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