• Software development tailored to your needs

    • If standard solutions offer too much or just too few functionalities as a solution to your problem, we can also develop fully customised solutions! Software 100% according to your wishes, applied to your company and flexibly adaptable when required.

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  • Vanuit onze jarenlange ervaring binnen de maakindustrie zijn we overtuigd van de kracht van Business Central als ERP voor deze sector Squadron is daarom officiële partner in het Microsoft ecosysteem waardoor we de v 4
      • What is Custom Development?

    • Custom development refers to the process of creating and developing software applications, systems or functionalities specifically tailored to the unique needs and requirements of an individual business. Instead of using standard off-the-shelf software solutions, custom development is carried out by writing code and designing software from scratch and/or by adapting existing software to meet specific requirements. These custom solutions allow companies to fine-tune their workflows, processes and functionalities to their specific business needs, which can lead to improved efficiency, better user experience and competitive advantage.


    • The difference in programming languages relates to the syntax (grammatical rules), structure and functionality used to write software applications. Different programming languages are designed with specific goals and applications in mind, and they differ in the way they formulate and execute instructions.

      The choice of programming language depends on several factors, including the type of project, objectives, required functionality, available resources and developer preference. Each programming language has its own strengths and application areas, and Squadron selects the language based on what is most suitable for the specific needs. For example, we work with .NET, Angular and Java, among others.

      In this way, we tackle complex needs of manufacturing companies and really anything is possible! We do not shy away from any challenge.

    • Questions about or interested in Squadron's Custom Development?