• At Squadron, we guide your manufacturing company towards end-to-end digitalisation. We do this by simply developing and implementing small or larger digital building blocks. Fully tailored to your needs and at the speed you prefer!
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              • ERP


          • Without a doubt: Microsoft Dynamics Business Central possibly paired with Trimit for vertical integration. As an official partner in the Microsoft ecosystem, we offer the full implementation of Business Central. Coupled with a CPQ (Configure - Price - Quote), your company's entire sales and resources section is digitised.

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              • DIGITAL FACTORY
              • Apps Digital Factory

            • Syncapps for the DIGITALISATION of your BUSINESS

          • Working on your Digital Factory does not have the objective of saving paper, although it is a nice ecological bonus. You do it to map out the efficiency of the factory. Those facts and figures mean you no longer have to make decisions on gut feeling. As a result, you can increase efficiency, save time and thus generate more profit.

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              • Custom development

            • Development fully tailored to your manufacturing business

          • If standard solutions offer too much or just too little functionality for your problem, we can of course also fully customise! Software 100% to your requirements, applied to your business and flexibly adaptable when required.

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        • We help you take your manufacturing business to the next level. Call on experience experts with knowledge of both IT and OT. We, the members of Squadron, love the 'boots on the ground' principle. We feel the pains of the manufacturing industry and proudly help build end-to-end solutions. We don't do this from an ivory tower, but together with you!

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        • Our services and products are specifically developed for and tailored to the manufacturing industry. We understand the needs like no other and respond to them with high-quality software to guide the manufacturing industry into the future!

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    • Share your challenge and let us work together to find the perfect solution for your manufacturing company. Book a meeting with one of our colleagues, no obligations. We'll pull you to the finish line!

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