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  • Support with inventory and process optimization, preliminary study for further automation possibilities and research into the supply chain between the different branches.
    • Gullegem
    • About Sidem

    • Sidem is a Belgian family business founded in 1933. Sidem is a developer and manufacturer of steering and suspension parts for the original equipment and replacement market in the automotive sector. Sidem's headquarters and distribution center is located in Gullegem, Belgium, the production site is in Romania.

    • Challenges

    • Sidem always thinks ahead and saw several challenges coming their way. First of all, labor costs are rising not only in Belgium, but also in Romania and it is more and more difficult to find enough employees there. It also remains an ongoing exercise to improve the entire process. Especially in a 'high mix - low volume' environment. Sidem has more than 3,000 different products, which involves a much more complicated process than making one or a few products in very high volumes. Finally, Sidem is also questioning the current business logic and looking at possible options to move to another ERP system. To make an informed decision in this regard, it is also very important to thoroughly map out the processes and business logic.

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      • Approach

    • To better shape Sidem's open question, Squadron conducted a thorough research in the first phase. It is not always easy to keep seeing the forest for the trees in terms of process optimization, automation and digitalization. Squadron carried out a lot of research on site in both locations. This is the only way to arrive at valuable information. The extensive bluepaper as a result of this research provides a concrete roadmap with the necessary actions to meet the challenges. If desired, Sidem can start working with these steps itself, but Squadron can also work out (part of) these steps in a follow-up trajectory.

      • Discover Squadrons analysis
    • In addition to the bluepaper, one tangible delivrable was already included in this research phase. A "Value Stream Map" was created, mapping the entire value stream. In other words, the entire business process is visualized with supporting data, both in Belgium and in Romania, in order to gain new insights and reveal optimization points. How do we manage the production process, and how can we do this better in the future in terms of machines, stock management, supply chain management, administration, personnel, etc.?


      In addition to the blue paper and the value stream map, a follow-up project was already started where Squadron will optimize the stock, finetune the supply chain between the 2 plants, and make a functional analysis of the planning in order to optimize it through software.

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