• About us

    • It all started with a dream. A dream of Francis Heyse and Pieter-Jan De Man to build a community of highly skilled, entrepreneurial engineers. A smart community that wants to make an impact by sharing knowledge and expertise. A community that stimulates and inspires each other to take the manufacturing industry in Flanders to the next level. A dream to guide Flanders to 'the golden age of technology' as envisaged by Carlotta Perez. A dream to make Europe stronger on the world stage.

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      • The golden age - Carlota Perez

    • The 83-year-old Venezuelan-British economist Carlota Perez served as inspiration for Squadron's ambitious founders. Carlota is considered the pre-eminent authority when it comes to the great technological shifts of the last few centuries. Her vision of technological shifts inspired Squadron. To that vision, we want to contribute with Squadron.

      In the early 1970s, the last technological revolution arrived; one of information and telecommunications. A revolution we are now in the midst of, which Carlota says is often accompanied by a severe crisis. It is said that you should never waste a good crisis. A saying that Squadron took to be true. In the midst of the corona crisis, Squadron was born with an ambition to open the doors to large-scale improvements in the Belgian manufacturing industry. An ambition to make the golden age come true.

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      • People first

    • This dream nicely illustrates what Squadron believes in and the DNA Squadron consists of today. Francis and Pieter-Jan put the people aspect first during growth. Each new member was subjected to a strict selection. Only those who are entrepreneurial, show emotional and analytical intelligence, have experience in process optimisation and have common ground with the manufacturing industry can obtain a desirable place in this community.

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      • Community of Experts

    • Today, Squadron has grown into an ambitious community. Not just any community, but a close group of experts with diverse technical expertise and skills and a common dream!

      The community is characterised by an entrepreneurial group, many from their own independent status, who are partners for Flemish manufacturing companies. What can we do for you? You can read about it in our service offerings. No challenge is too much for us!

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  • “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do” - Steve Jobs”

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