• Digital Factory

    • Squadron's Digital Factory section takes care of digitising the production floor of manufacturing companies. The first part of this branch focuses on machinery, the second more on the entire production process. Together, they provide an end-to-end result of a future-proof production environment!

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    • Improve the efficiency of your machinery

    • Implementation of machinery

      In the first stage, Squadron acts as project manager for the implementation of new machines. Squadron relieves the client in the purchase and installation of machines where there is too little expertise, experience or time in-house to take on this task. Squadron is responsible for:

      • Supplier research
      • Quotation
      • Follow-up of budget
      • Follow-up of installation
      • Making the machine operational
      • External challenger for machine research

      Given our total independence from suppliers, we are 100% customer-oriented. We always work with a clear ROI and rely on proven practical experience in the manufacturing industry.

      An HMI for increased efficiency

      Today, keeping a machine up and running as an operator is certainly no longer an easy task. To return the operator's expertise and thus focus on the product itself rather than on the machine's software, Squadron developed an HMI (Human Machine Interface).

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    • Case study

      This HMI was developed as a solution in the welding industry by which we want to bring welding machines back to the welder. This extremely easy-to-use software eliminates the need for technicians to operate the welding robot and allows the welder's expertise to be used to assess the robot's work. This way of robot control makes it possible to operate the welding robots for high mix - low volume products without the operator having to set up anything or having to write a new robot programme for each different product.

    • Gain insights into your 'hidden factory'

      This is where the magic happens! This is where everything revolves around data. Using machine data capture, we can gain important insights into the production process that would otherwise not come to light.

      These insights potentially lead to optimisations that positively influence OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness). Some examples:

      • Application to give operators real-time info about machines using Smart Watches. Response time to downtimes can be reduced by up to half.
      • OEE dashboarding for reporting and to visualise general efficiency and compare different periods.
      • Link with ERP and/or order data for additional insights into the production process.
  • Vanuit onze jarenlange ervaring binnen de maakindustrie zijn we overtuigd van de kracht van Business Central als ERP voor deze sector Squadron is daarom officiële partner in het Microsoft ecosysteem waardoor we de v 2
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      • A digitalised process through low-code software development

    • Not only the machinery, but also the entire production process is an important part of a manufacturing company. The second part of our offering 'Digital Factory' focuses on this process. Using the low-code Microsoft Power platform, we developed various apps to digitalise and optimise this process.

    • Low code software development

      A low-code platform allows users to deploy components, templates and workflows to easily create their own applications. It provides a visual development environment where users can configure desired functionalities with minimal manual coding. This reduces development time and complexity, allowing us to build and deploy applications faster and more cost-effectively. It enables non-technical users, such as business analysts or domain experts, to actively participate in the development process.

      Specifically for the manufacturing industry, Squadron has already developed several apps according to the 80-20 rule. 80% of the app is set up as a template, 20% is developed specifically for each customer.


      In this way, we create "the best of both worlds" by being able to implement an app quickly and budget-friendly, yet fully tailored to the customer's specific process and DNA.

      A selection from our Digital Factory app library:

      • SyncOps (Shopfloor app)
      • SyncQua (QMS app)
      • SyncWare (WMS app)
      • SyncSort (5S app)
      • SyncPlan (Scheduling app)
      • SyncDrop (Shipment app)
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