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  • Data Analytics

  • Data analytics or business analytics help people to visualise and interpret raw data fluently and ultimately gain valuable insights into business performance. In this way, the company's returns can be greatly improved.
    • By applying data analysis, you can more quickly identify trends that would otherwise be buried under the mass of data being collected. These trends can be used to optimize processes, to increase the overall efficiency of the company, process or system, and to monitor and adjust production performance where needed.

      For example, at Squadron we can collect data from manufacturing companies that can significantly reduce runtime, downtime and work queue. Workloads can be better distributed, machines are more closely matched and peak capacities are more closely approached.

      But the possibilities go much further. Integrating data analytics into the business model can help the company reduce costs by finding more efficient ways of doing business and making decisions that are more in line with its strategy and way of doing business. All this can often lead to new - and better - products.

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      • How do you get started with Data Analytics?

    • Of course, it all starts with the data. If you don't have data, you obviously can't perform analyses. So first you have to consider which data is necessary to capture. Then, Motionminds' colleagues make sure that all the necessary data can be collected - by, for example, connecting machines to the software and, where necessary, providing sensors or other hardware that allows the data to be captured. Eminds' colleagues capture and organize all data. The next step is to visualize the data. This way, certain trends will become clear more quickly. It might also be necessary to clean up the data to remove duplications and errors.

      Curious on how we can increase your company's return with Squadron? Contact us for an informal meeting!