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  • Data capture

  • Squadron has the necessary expertise and experience to build the architecture of data capture systems. The data experts offer a tailor-made, low-cost, quickly implementable solution for all your installations. Squadron also provides appropriate data analysis and can advise on the further development of your digitization story.
    • Why data?

    • Data capture is the first step towards digitization of your factory. Data is the key to making informed decisions. The next stages can be the development of SCADA, simulation models, AI, better monitoring of installations, KPI analysis, etc. This also gives ROI and OEE a correct and concrete interpretation. That is why it is important that this is correctly implemented, maintained and expanded.

      After the implementation of data capture, the following applications can be seamlessly integrated:

      • SCADA
      • Quality control using AI
      • Live monitoring
      • Maintenance planning
      • Digital Twin
      • IOT

      Request a POC for your company and take your first step towards digitization and I4.0!