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  • Meet Jens

  • Jens Vanacker joined Squadron mid-2022 as a Business analyst. He provides the bridge between the customers and our developers!
    • What does a typical day as a business analyst look like at SQUADRON?

    • Actually, there is no typical day as a Business Analyst at SQUADRON. Depending on the customers and the ongoing projects, the focus is also different. We are still a young company so flexibility is important. We surf with the company's waves.

      How is a business analysis usually approached at SQUADRON?

      The most important approach in SQUADRON's story is that we are not going to sell solutions. We keep our sights very broad and always start by listening to the customer and defining the needs. Only then do we look at what solutions can answer those needs. This is really the foundation of our service.

      Let's take the case of our customer Lambrecht as an example. The start of our process together was intake interviews in all layers and departments of the company. This intake period lasted 5 days, but ensured that we knew our client and their operation inside out. We believe this is the only way to find the right solutions for the client.

      After the intake period, we make a summary of this and translate the business requirements into functional requirements. We always present this result to the customer. We feel that this approach and our experience in the manufacturing industry really make a difference.

      We then draw up the process flows and look at where we can optimise per department. We then graft the architecture onto this and draw up a digital roadmap with the steps to be taken in the short and long term.

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      • And after that?

    • Once the research phase is complete, we can move on to implementation. Here too, the Business Analyst plays an important role. We will work out the components of the roadmap in even more detail, build mock-ups, coordinate them internally, translate requirements to the technical team and follow up the implementation.

    • What are you most proud of?

    • The achievements where different areas of expertise have worked together make me the happiest. For example, we recently worked out a proposal for a potential customer where both anlysis and software expertise as well as knowledge of machinery were very important. Bringing this knowledge together and building it into one is what I do it for! In addition, we also recently started implementing MS Dynamics Business Central. I have also delved deeper into this to know all the options from the business side. This allows me to serve our customers optimally.

      Finally, I am of course most proud of the various projects we have already successfully completed. Customers who confirm that we have the knowledge from the shopfloor and are satisfied with our work, that is why we do it.

    • Why did you choose SQAUDRON?

    • SQUADRON immediately appealed to me because it was clear thatthe company gives you responsibility and opportunities to really tackle things. If you want it and it's right, you should grab it and do it. Self-direction is great, as long as it is in line with the SQUADRON values, of course.

      Those values are also important to the company and are not hollow concepts. I could perfectly identify with those values, so the connection was made immediately.

      In terms of content, I was also convinced very quickly. I have a broad field of interests and SQUADRON's structure and my position within the company make it possible to work with many facets from digitalisation to automation. In addition, the historical origins from STAS provide a huge pool of knowledge and expertise on production processes, which I find very interesting.

      The fact that it was possible to start under independent status was also a big plus. In short, a match made in heaven!

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      • What are the needs of SQUADRON customers and how do we respond to them?

    • Today, digitisation is no longer a choice, but a necessity. And we feel the same with our customers. The demand for digitisation is increasing, even among smaller companies. With our digital expertise and our experience in the manufacturing industry, we try to help our customers achieve their goals step by step and secure their future.

    • What makes someone the ideal SQUADRON colleague?

    • Above all, what you need is the right mindset. A go-getter, someone with a lot of drive to make change happen, someone who is flexible in action and thinking.

      Experience in a production environment is a great asset. I myself always walk through the factory in my head when I have to work something out for an operator. I fully empathise and for this you must of course be able to imagine things.

      And last but not least: love to padel! ;-)