• Quickly engage experienced developers for custom software!

    • In need of experts in software development with experience but can't find the right profiles? Welcome to the club! Through Squadron you can integrate experienced developers into your team or outsource complete projects. This way, you do not lose any time, you are sure of quality and you can realise your projects more efficiently.

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      • Difficult to get ahead?

    • Every company currently has the same struggle when it comes to software development.

      • It's difficult to find experienced developers who can write high-quality code.
      • It's very time-consuming to train people while there are no guarantees of the final quality.
      • Budget intensive to hire people on payroll.
      • Often working on projects, so then it is not interesting to hire people permanently.

    • Outsourcing, or working with an outside party, can provide a solution to such problems. The Belgian market of developers is scarce and therefore very expensive. A team in a neighboring country ensures innovation, faster turnaround time, enrichment of the domestic team, and is often interesting in terms of salary costs.

      That is why Squadron has built a team in Skopje. People with at least 6 years of experience in .NET, C#, Angular,... who work on different projects and share knowledge among themselves and with the team in Belgium in order to keep building up expertise.

      So, fast and multi-deployable, affordable and qualitative. There is no more reason for hesitation, right?

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      • How can we work together?

    • There are several ways to start a partnership with Squadron. We are flexible!

      1. We can fill an open vacancy for an (in)definite period of time. According to the try & hire principle this can also test the need for extra payroll employees.
      2. Co-sourcing: we support an in-house team to develop together.
      3. Project sourcing: we take the lead of a project with our people and deliver a ready-made product.
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