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  • Meet Kirshan Kumar - Technical Lead

  • Krishan Kumar joined Squadron as from September 2022 as a Technical Lead. He makes sure we deliver high qualitative technical products.
    • An interview with our Technical Lead at SQUADRON

    • Delphine (People Expert): What is your current role?

      Krishan (Technical Lead): I am currently a Technical Lead, primarily focused on our WMS (Warehouse Management System) application. I work extensively on the development and integration of WMS and Fusion, our custom made ERP system for our client STAS. I’m also participating in the POCs of Fusion Plus alongside Filip and Bart. Additionally, I play a role in bringing data from Faymonville into Power BI to support Ann's work with Power Apps.


      Delphine: Could you elaborate on your responsibilities as a Technical Lead?

      Krishan: As a Technical Lead, my main responsibility is aligning our technical solutions with the business requirements. I also keep an eye on the project roadmap to gain insights that help our technical decisions. The roadmap is crafted by the project owner, who often serves as the product lead. A key aspect of our role is to coach and create a learning culture in which we feel comfortable learning from one another.


      Delphine: What aspects of your job do you enjoy the most?

      Krishan: I particularly enjoy working closely with end-users. Lately, I've collaborated with key users like Lander from STAS or Pieter-Jan (as a end-user, not as management). This sparring with the end-user gives valuable insights for the rollout. The clearer the understanding, the better we can implement solutions.


      Delphine: Are there any accomplishments of which you are particularly proud?

      Krishan: I take pride in our ongoing project rollout, which is nearly complete. We're in the process of rolling out Procurement, WMS, and Fusion. The progress we've made, especially considering that WMS was a relatively new application with many functionalities to build, has been a significant achievement for me personally. The data migration part was particularly challenging, but we are approaching the finish line.


      Delphine: What motivated you to make the switch to your current role at Squadron?

      Krishan: My previous job was at a large company with a heavy organizational structure. It left me wanting more impactful work and technical learning opportunities. They weren't utilizing Azure and GDPR was for example a limiting and delaying factor. The need for change and a desire for a more flexible working environment led me to explore other options. I connected with Stephanie (People from Squadron), had talks with Jovica and Filip. I was drawn to the long-term prospects and the culture at this company. What sets this environment apart is the freedom, confidence, and responsibility given to team members. It encourages a sense of ownership, and people are motivated to contribute more. A clear and flexible work environment fosters trust.

      Delphine: Have you been able to learn from your colleagues in your current role?

      Krishan: Absolutely, I believe I can learn from everyone, regardless of their experience level. We have a great team here, and I'm constantly gaining insights from my colleagues.